Controlling of Dyestuffs & Chemicals Spillage


To ensure the proper use and handling of Dyes and Chemicals.


Applies to handling of Dyes and Chemicals in Dyeing section of Aboni textiles LTD.




Dy. Manager, Dyeing, Jr. Officer, Supervisor, Jr. Supervisor, Operator & Helper.


Handling of Dyes and Chemicals: The Operator and Helper collect the Dyes and Chemicals from the Store and they dose to the machine. They use hand gloves, masks, gum boat and goggles while they handling Dyes and Chemicals.

Draining of Dyes & Chemicals from Dyeing M/C to ETP plant: After processing Dyeing M/C drains the water with Dyes and Chemicals and this wastewater goes to the ETP plant through drain line.

Wastewater mixed with softener goes to the ETP plant through the drain line from the softener preparation section.

Wastewater mixed with dyestuff goes to the ETP plant through drain line from the dyestuff mixing section.

If dyes and chemicals spillage on the floor it should be washed out with detergent and this wastewater also goes to the ETP plant through drain line.

Safety: Some dyes and chemicals are hazardous and corrosive. These are Acetic Acid, Hydrous, Hydrogen per oxide, Caustic soda, Soda Ash etc. so while handling this Chemicals every Operator and Helper must use the Masks, Hand gloves, Gum boat and Goggles.


ISO 14001 Clause 4.4.6
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