How to Handle Chemical & Dyes


To ensure the proper storage and handling of chemicals and dyes during the unloading and use.

2.0 SCOPE:

Applies to the Dyes & Chemicals store in Aboni Textiles Ltd.




Store Officer, Store Keeper and Helper.


5.1 During Unloading of the chemicals and Dyes:

5.1.1 The store helpers under the supervision of Store Officer shall unload the Chemicals

& Dyes upon receiving in chemicals store.

5.1.2 During unloading the store helper shall use the protection such as hand gloves, gum

boot, mask, googols.

5.1.1 The helper shall unload the materials and store in the designated area for chemicals & dyes in chemical store.

5.1.2 If any of the containers is found with damage/lick age condition then action to be taken based on the severity of Damage If the Damage is minor then this container will be taken to the current user section for running use. But if the brakeage is major then it will be taken to the protected area and after that this identified containers will be returned to suppliers for replacement.

5.2 Inside the store & During Distribution:

5.2.1 The users of chemicals & dyes shall place requisition to store. The store helper shall weight the chemicals & Dyes as per requisition and hand over to the respective users

5.2.2 During hand over the store helpers shall taken the safety precautions by using hand gloves, gumboot, mask, and googols.

5.2.3 This will be controlled as per the instruction defined in control as per the SOP, Control and Disposal of chemical spillage SOP-ST/06

5.2.4 When the chemical & Dyes will be finished then the containers will be immediately transferred to the waste go-down and that will be sent to the suppliers.

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